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New Jersey Cryogenics specializes in the removal of burrs and flashing from machined or molded

plastic & rubber parts.

Excess burrs and flashing are a normal by-product of machining or molding plastic and rubber parts. Most often the removal of this unwanted material becomes a manual process that is

time-consuming, risky, labor-intensive

and costly.

New Jersey Cryogenics uses liquid nitrogen, controlled rotation and inert plastic media to remove flash and burrs.


Our computer-controlled, automated method is highly precise, economical and can be customized to meet the requirements of specific part size, intricate geometry and unique materials.


We offer superior quality, faster turn around and lower cost traditional

hand-finishing simply cannot match.

Benefits & Advantages

Computer Controlled - Eliminates Human Error and Inconsistency. 

Uniform Quality Is Maintained Throughout The Entire Production Run.

Scaleable For Fast Turnaround On Large Production Runs.

Significantly Lower Per Piece Cost.

Virtually Eliminates Scrap Due To Handling.

Able To Deburr And Deflash Complex Pieces, Including Cross Holes, Internal Holes, Blind Holes, And Internal Slots & Crevices, That Would Be Difficult Or Impossible To Accomplish Manually.

Non-Abrasive - Will Not Alter Geometry Or Critical Tolerances. 

Leaves No Residue On Parts.

Safe For Almost All Materials - Will Not Alter The Part's Design Or Performance Specifications.